About Stacy

I am a writer. A mother. A wife. A health and fitness advocate. And I have a passion for promoting health and wellness within the community, particularly among children.

I have struggled with my weight and eating disorders for my entire life. I was an overweight child, an anorexic teen and an obese adult. When I hit an all-time high of 220 pounds, 30 percent body fat and size 22 jeans, I knew that something had to change.

I completely immersed myself in education about health, nutrition, wellness and fitness and lost 80 pounds, 11 sizes and over half my body fat through diet and exercise.

I started this blog, Five a Day the Fun Way, to provide parents with recipes, tips, activities and ideas to make eating healthy fun for the entire family. Check out my website for more information about me, my writing and my other projects. You can contact me at stacy@stacycacciatore.com.

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