Want to lose weight? When money’s on the line, you will look fine!

After having a wonderful kid-less long weekend in Boston with my hubby, I returned refreshed, rejuvenated and 10 lbs. heavier. What in the world? How can that happen in only a few days? Sure, I indulged a bit, but we walked a lot and I tried to have healthy breakfast and lunch to make up [...]

Kale, White Bean, Apple Sausage and Zucchini Ragout Recipe

Looking for a way to eat your greens that not only pleases your palate, but satisfies even the pickiest of eaters? Look no further than this delish ragout that is chock full of healthy vegetables, tasty sausage and creamy fiber-filled beans.

I recently signed up for Backyard Produce, which is a weekly service that [...]

The secret for creating a delicious low-calorie dessert

What if I told you that you could eat a decadent tasting pie that was not only low in calories, but loaded with fiber, antioxidants, potassium and folate?


It may sound too good to be true, but the butternut squash pie that I made this week was delicious and healthy. I was craving something [...]

Warning: Don’t eat the office lunch

Welcome to week two of the “Weight Loss Wednesdays” edition of Five a Day the Fun Way.

This Wednesday I’m exploring how you can keep your weight in check when you are bombarded by unhealthy foods and you have no control over the choices available to you. I was in an all-day offsite for work [...]

Say “yes” to lose more

I’m an immediate gratification pleasure-seeker and I love saying yes to everything that makes me feel good.

But everywhere I turn in seeking advice for reaching my goals in the New Year focus on saying “no.” Say “no” to sugar to lose weight. Save time by telling others “no.” “NO” carbs, soda, coffee, ack!

Focusing [...]

7 tips for losing weight on your Disney World vacation (While eating whatever you want)

I lost five pounds while on my Walt Disney World vacation, where indulged in candy-covered rice Krispy treats, Dole Pineapple Floats, fudge, brownies, cookies, pizza, burgers, steak, mushroom risotto, butter beer and more! How did I lose five pounds while eating whatever I wanted you may ask? Read on for my top seven tips for [...]

Healthy Road Trip Snacks

I love going on vacation, but I don’t love being away from my healthy fridge stocked with fruits, veggies and lean protein. Being stuck in the car for hours on end usually means resorting to greasy fast food, chips and soda to satisfy hunger while trying to reach the destination in a reasonable time. But, [...]

Five A Day The Make-Ahead Way

I am excited to announce our guest post today is from Devon, the founder of Eastside Make-Ahead Mamas. Devon is a mom who works full-time and needed a way to prepare healthy meals for

her family even on those busy weeknights. She started Eastside Make-Ahead Mamas, a group of moms who get together once [...]

Have Sex – Lose Weight


Research shows that having frequent sex (safe sex in a committed relationship of course) offers many health benefits including weight loss, improved mood and a closer relationship. Sex burns approximately 150-200 calories per half hour. Given the recent research that shows exercise is equally beneficial done in 15-20 minute bursts throughout the day, [...]

Why I refuse to deprive myself

Image by zirconicusso via freedigitalphotos.net

I tried to completely cut out sugar a couple of months ago. The result: I gained eight pounds. How? Because when I suddenly focused on what I couldn’t have instead of what I could have, I craved sugar even more than usual.

I lost the eight pounds, but I [...]