Hoppy Healthy Easter!

I can’t believe Easter is this Sunday! I feel completely unprepared, as the month of March has flown by!

The typical Easter treats are filled with artificial food coloring, artificial flavorings, sugar and fat. While I’ll let my kids indulge in some of these treats in moderation (what’s Easter without Bunny Big Ears?) I also [...]

Guilt-free maple roasted banana ice cream: dairy, gluten and fat free!

I love ice cream. I could literally eat an entire half gallon of Edy’s Girl Scout Cookie Samoas Ice Cream. Ice cream is one of my “trigger foods” and I can’t keep it in the house because it will call my name until it’s gone.


Luckily I’ve created a healthier alternative using only [...]

Healthy Girl Scout Samoas with NO added sugar, flour or dairy

I love Girl Scout Cookies. I’ve loved them since I was a little brownie pushing boxes of coco-nutty SamoasĀ®, peanut buttery tagalongs and minty thin mints. Now I’m the leader of my own little Daisy’s troop, which means that I’m surrounded by their deliciousness and I MUST buy a box (or 100)

Which call my [...]

Fresh Strawberry Cake

There is something special about picking a plump, juicy red strawberry off the vine and popping it in your mouth right in the strawberry fields.








I’m lucky to have fresh strawberry fields right across from my neighborhood that allows customers to “Pick-your-own” strawberries. I bring my kids every [...]

Little Ones Magazine – Tips for Walt Disney World

I’m so excited that I’m featured in Little Ones Magazine this month with tips on planning a magical vacation to Walt Disney World! If you get a chance, please head on over to Little Ones Magazine to check out the article online or pick up a copy for FREE at your local grocery store, library [...]

Walmart’s new “Great for you” initiative: More harm than good?

Walmart recently annouced that they are going to launch a new campaign to label “healthy” foods with the words “Great for You” to help consumers easily identify foods that are “good” for them. At first glance, this seems like a great program. Walmart is working on lowering the price of fruits and vegetables, which is [...]

Middle School Memories

Smoking behind the school gym in between classes, scarfing down pizza at lunch in between celery-only crash diets and spending spare cash on the McRib and doughnuts. Ahhh, the memories from middle school. Not exactly a picture of heath, eh?

My best friend and I once saved up our money from babysitting and then walked [...]

How to make delicious cupcakes that are actually GOOD for you!

This year for St. Patrick’s Day I volunteered to bring in green cupcakes to my daughter’s class. I love making fun food for kids, but I don’t love the negative side effects of food dye on children’s behavior. Many studies have shown that children are particularly susceptible to the effects of food dyes, especially those [...]

Drop pounds with protein

I’m fed up with these stubborn last pounds that refuse to budge. I’ve tried working out twice a day, slashing calories, cutting out sugar…they still hang on to my thighs like fleas on a dog. I visited a dietician last week who told me to try eating more protein and slashing carbs.

If you are [...]

Warning: Don’t eat the office lunch

Welcome to week two of the “Weight Loss Wednesdays” edition of Five a Day the Fun Way.

This Wednesday I’m exploring how you can keep your weight in check when you are bombarded by unhealthy foods and you have no control over the choices available to you. I was in an all-day offsite for work [...]