Could I be the next Disney Mom?

I have applied for the Walt Disney World’s Moms Panel to represent runDisney. This is my DREAM, so please pray for me and send lots of positive vibes my way!

Since we’ve been to Disney seven times in the past five years, we’ve learned some of the tips and tricks for planning an awesome Disney vacation. I’ve helped many of you plan your Disney vacations and I LOVE it! I love planning, cooking, dining, talking about and researching everything to do with Disney!

I have a favor to ask….if any of my Disney advice has ever helped you plan your vacation, could you leave a little comment on my blog talking about how I helped you?

Also, have I ever helped you with running, exercise or diet advice? Did my blog post on staying motivated to run give you inspiration for a workout? Did my post on losing weight while on a Disney vacation give you any tips for staying in shape while on vacation? Have you made any of my Disney recipes, such as my Le Cellier Pretzel rolls? Were you inspired by my Disney Marathon story?

If I’m selected for the next round, they may want to see how I’ve helped families in the past and I’d love to be able to share how I helped you.

Thank you so much for your support and please send positive vibes my way!



3 thoughts on “Could I be the next Disney Mom?

  1. Thank you for all of the wonderful tasty, healthy recipes you have posted in your blog. Your running marathons and healthy eating is an inspiration for me!

  2. What an inspiration you are….I love sharing your info with my grandchildren….one is a young runner. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with all the parents & kids at school.

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