Day 11 – Don’t Pout Over Sprouts….Even Though I Did

I finally did it. On day eleven I found a healthy food that I absolutely do not like – sprouts. They seem innocent enough. They sit nicely next to the lettuce on the salad bar and I see lots of people piling their plates high with the stuff. From little old ladies to tough guys eating burgers, it seems that everyone has tried and enjoyed sprouts….except for me. Can you believe that I’ve never even tried them? 

We ate at my favorite restaurant last night; Jason’s Deli (my favorite healthy eating restaurant that I’ve blogged about before). I ordered the salad bar and I piled my plate high with spring mix, red and yellow peppers, boiled eggs, cucumbers and more. I peered tentatively at the sprouts which looked like a pile of green sperms, to be frank, but I added them to my plate quickly before I could change my mind.

I took a whiff of the spouts first and they smelled very earthy. I stabbed a forkful and chewed them slowly so I could appreciate their taste. I was disgusted.

Did you ever make mud pies and grass soup when you were a kid and accidentally get some in your mouth when you were pretending to eat it? Well that is what it tasted like…..They had the flavor of wet dirt with the texture of grass. I felt like I was eating a handful of earth that I freshly scooped of the ground. 

So what health benefits did I derive from my mouthful of sprouts? Sprouts are one of the most concentrated sources of nutrition. They are loaded with phytonutrients. The indole-3-carbinole that they contain can help arrest human breast and prostate cancer cells. Broccoli sprouts also contain sulforaphane, which can help disarm free radicals and fight carcinogens. Alfalfa sprouts contain sapions which has been described as a natural detergent and can lower the risk of cancer and prevent cholesterol from being absorbed into the system. Sapions can also have an antimocrobal affect in the body, improving our immune system. 

These are great benefits, but I don’t know if I can stomach the taste of sprouts on a regular basis. Do you have a secret for how you eat and enjoy sprouts? I’d love to hear, so please share!

4 thoughts on “Day 11 – Don’t Pout Over Sprouts….Even Though I Did

  1. I have to laugh because I totally agree with you. I can’t stand them! I always see people pile their salads up with them and think yuk.. do they really like them? I wish I could help you find a appealing way to enjoy them but..alas I cannot.

  2. LOL, this is one of the foods you have tried that I actually like! Pikes soda shop has a sandwich I used to order that has cream cheese, sprouts, cucumber, and roasted red pepper and its is super yummy! I also always order my jimmie johns subs with extra sprouts. I like the taste and texture better than lettuce but it adds the same feeling to your sandwich. Maybe that is the key? eat them on a sandwich.

  3. Stacy, before you completely give up on the idea of sprouts remember that there are many different KINDS of sprouts, and not all of them taste the same. I don’t care too much for alfalfa sprouts (which might be what you tried), but I do love bean sprouts. They are wonderful in stir fry! Years ago I knew a woman who did her own sprouting at home, and she let me try wheat berry sprouts, and they were truly delicious! Not something you’re likely to find in a grocery store unfortunately. I think there’s lots of info on the web about doing your own sprouting, maybe it’s something I’ll try one of these days!

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