Day 41: Gallop to the Scallops

My husband and I went to Asheville, NC this weekend to celebrate our 13 year anniversary. We visited the The Biltmore House and went shopping in downtown Asheville, We also went hiking in Chimney Rock, which is where we went on our honeymoon. On Saturday night we ate at S&W – Steak and Wine, which is located in downtown Asheville, NC. My mind is always thinking of what new and healthy food I can try, so I can expand my repertoire and blog about it. Mollusks are on the list of the top 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth, so I decided to order the scallops.

I asked the chef to prepare the scallops with as little oil as possible, but they tasted too decadent to be low calorie. I wasn’t even sure of the calories or health benefits of scallops at the time I ordered because I haven’t had scallops since I was twelve years old and they were breaded and fried on the all-you-can-eat buffet at Captain’s Galley, but I when I got home and did some research, I was pleasantly surprised.

I blogged before about my goal of eating 100 grams of protein a day to keep my hunger at bay and increase my muscle mass, so I was happy to read that scallops are almost pure protein, naturally low in fat and rich in minerals. Scallops are 80% protein, proving a whopping 15 grams per three ounce serving. Scallops also have eighteen different vitamins and minerals! All of that for only 95 calories for a three-ounce serving! Wow, looks like I made a good pick.

When I’m eating out somewhere unfamiliar, I usually try to order seafood to as a “healthy” option. I saved my calories for eating Kilwin’s later that night, where I had a waffle cone filled with rocky road and kilwin tracks ice cream. Yum! Well worth it!

Do you like scallops or other mollusks (oysters, clams, etc..)? Please share!

3 thoughts on “Day 41: Gallop to the Scallops

  1. I LOVE all types of seafood! My favorite is lobster, but really I never met a seafood I didn’t like. I have never tried raw oysters however, and doubt I ever will, I’m not into “slime” lol!

  2. As you probably know scallops are my favorite seafood. And since I am allergic to shrimp I am very glad I am NOT allergic to scallops. The only thing I warn you of is if you cook them at home do not overcook them or they will be rubber. Just season them and saute them lightly in a very little olive oil.. YUMM

  3. You were about 45 minutes from where I live… you should have swung by . The Pisgah natinal forest has awesome hiking trails and its known as the land of the waterfalls so many of the trails have a waterfall along the way. I love all seafood..shrimps is my favorite

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