My 2010 New Year Resolutions

As I sit here on New Years Eve, I am pondering my resolutions for 2010.

1. Spend more quality time with my kids and husband. Continue to make my family my top priority.

2. Design and build out my website – marketing my writing.

3. Complete, sell and publish my book.

4. Continue my commitment to fitness, working out six days a week – three days of weight training and four days of cardio.

5. Take a new fitness class

6. Commit to not overextend myself – sign up for less and only spend time on things that meet my top priorities.

7. Live each day to the fullest – enjoying each moment.

8. Obtain my personal training certification.

9. Attend a writers conference.

10. Send out two queries a week.

What are your New Years Resolutions?

2 thoughts on “My 2010 New Year Resolutions

  1. Well I don’t really believe in resolutions, but with the start of a New Year naturally comes a time of reflection and I have recommitted myself to the few key and most important things in my life:

    1. My Family is my TOP priority and I will be making more of an effort to spend more of my “free” time with my children and hubby and less time doing other, much less important, time-filler things.

    2. My Church and time for worship is also very important to me and I have recommitted myself to taking the time I need to go, worship and volunteer when able.

    3. My Family and Friends are also extremely important to me and I have recommitted myself to them by taking the time to call, write and pray for more often.

    Everything else is gravy 🙂

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