My baby’s first day of Kindergarten

You’ll have to forgive me as I digress from healthy eating and recipes today, as today my baby girl starts her first day of Kindergarten. I wrote a little poem about it and would like to share with you all.

“Mommy I’m a big girl now”

I know she will say

As she walks through the door

On her first kindergarten day


It seems like just yesterday

I held her for the first time

But now I have to share her with the world

She is no longer just mine


When did she change

From baby to 5-years old?

Can I hit pause and cradle her

Forever in my hold?


Crayons on the wall

Jewelry missing from my box

I know she is bored at home

She craves story time, centers and blocks


Some days I think

I can’t wait for school to start

But other days I cry

when I think of how we will part


Her curls bounce of her shoulders

As she bounces down the hall

I smile and give her a thumbs up

Then turn my head and bawl


“Mommy I’m a big girl now”

she says as she walks through the door

but she runs back into my arms

and hugs me once more

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