Pantry Organization for Cooking Clean

My pantry was driving me crazy. I do a lot of cooking and baking for Five a Day the Fun Way and I use a variety of healthy ingredients, from brown rice flour to sucanat to wheat germ. This results in my pantry overflowing with bags of flours, sugars, oats and more! Not only are the bags unattractive, but they leak, rip, and take up a lot of room.  Not to mention how difficult it is to scoop and measure from the flimsy bags.



When I searched for ten minutes to find a bag of coffee and flour went spilling out onto the counter, I decided it was time to overhaul my pantry.


I bought twenty glass jars/Burken of different sizes at Ikea. I felt a huge sense of satisfaction as I dumped out the bags into the neat little glass jars and made labels to identify the contents.


Since I’ve migrated to this system, cooking has been much easier. I can quickly find what I need, I can clearly see when I’m running low on a particular ingredient and I love looking at a streamlined pantry.


All you need are glass jars with lids and a label maker. You will notice in the picture that I have “Power Flour” in one of my canisters. Power Flour is a mixture of different flours, which is great to use in your baking recipes. Sometimes 100% whole wheat flour can make baked items tough. This mixture combines a variety of flours so you receive maximum nutritional value and high quality results.


This Power Flour recipe is from Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Diet cookbook.






Power Flour

¼ cup barley flour

½ cup brown rice flour

¼ cup amaranth flour

¼ cup spelt flour

¼ cup kamut flour

¼ cup whole-wheat flour

Simply combine all of the flours together in a big glass jar and you’ll have power flour ready to go for all of your baking recipes.

I love the eat clean diet. It is simple, yet effective. My favorite Eat Clean Diet Cookbook is Tosca Reno’s Family Cookbook for kids. My kids love the clean fish sticks and power bars.

Do you have any pantry organization tips?


6 thoughts on “Pantry Organization for Cooking Clean

    • The large jars were $4.99, medium $3.99 and small $2.99 at Ikea. Pretty cheap! It added up quickly of course, but relatively cheap. I wish I could order them online at Ikea’s website though because I need more and it’s quite a drive to my closest Ikea! 🙂

  1. Can you substitute power flour for the regular flour in any baking recipe? I have just started baking more often and would love to change it up.

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