Stained Jem Press Launched Today!

I launched my communications consulting firm and small book press today, Stained Jem Press.

If you are looking for an experienced communications consultant to help you drive results for your business, head on over to Stained Jem Press to check out our services.

Whether you need to attract new clients, market your company, implement changes affecting your employees, introduce a new social media campaign or publish your book, Stained Jem Press delivers solutions to help you be a success.

What sets us apart from other communication consulting firms is that we offer communications expertise to help you acheive both strategic and tactical objectives.

Stained Jem Press offers the following services:

Internal Communications

  • Assess the effectiveness of your internal communications strategy, identify issues and concerns
  • Provide executive communications, including writing scripts, developing presentations, crafting email and memo messages
  • Create internal communication plans
  • Develop multi-media communication strategies, including video, print and web
  • Craft key messages for engaging target audience
  • Create communication approach, including developing the stakeholder anlysis, crafting key messages and developing an engagement plan
Social Media
  • Develop social media strategy
  • Consult on a wide variety of social media tools, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and FourSquare
  • Create brand awareness through social networks
  • Execute tacical social media plan, engaging audience
  • Create blog and website content
Creative Services
  • Carefully craft messages to target audiences
  • Write and edit materials for a wide range of both print and online channels
  • Develop e-newsletters, brochures, email campaigns and blog material
Book Publishing
  • Consult new authors on the process of self-publishing
  • Edit books, press releases and marketing materials
  • Develop platforms for authors to sell their books

Please share this with any clients you know who are looking for professional communications consulting or authors looking for assistance with self-publishing their books.

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