Guilt-Free Cupcakes: Indulge without the bulge is now available!

My first book, Guilt-Free Cupcakes: Indulge without the bulge, is now available for purchase as an e-book on my website and as a download on the Kindle and Nook!

With cupcakes that are loaded with flavor, without the added fat and calories, Guilt-Free Cupcakes: Indulge without the bulge, shows you how to satisfy your sweet tooth without expanding your waistline. From “Cubcakes” to “Grand Groundhog Cupcakes”, you will not only find healthy recipes, but beautifully designed cupcakes for every occasion.

You’ll find:
Recipes for more than 18 adorably decorated low-calorie cupcakes and frostings
Beautiful photographs of every recipe
Tips for baking light
Ideas for getting kids involved in the kitchen
Interesting nutrition facts and the latest research
Halloween, Christmas, character and animal cupcake designs
Fun facts, kids activities, party planning ideas and more!

Perfect for bake sales, holiday parties, classroom treats or just an everyday dessert, Guilt-Free Cupcakes is your source for baking adorable and low-calorie cupcakes!

Buy the book today for awesome Halloween cupcakes! I’m offering a introductory price of only $3.99! The price will go up to $9.99 soon, so get your copy while it’s on sale today! I’d love to hear what you think! Please write a review in the Amazon store or on the blog!

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