Trend 2 – Turbo Kickbox

KickboxThere’s kickbox, then there’s turbo kickbox. One small word, one big difference. Turbo is derived from the Greek word τύρβη, meaning “wake”. This makes sense since turbo kickbox completely woke up muscles that I didn’t know existed.

I walked into class and stood nervously near the front row since it was my first time and I needed to see the instructor. A tiny blonde powerhouse popped up onto the stage and provided a disclaimer that we could march in place if we got lost in the movement, which would be likely if it was our first time. She warned us that the class was “turbo” kicked and movements were fast and furious, but it was important to keep moving.

She pumped up the music and I immediately got into the groove when I heard Iggy’s Black Widow. The music was on super speed, and so was the instructor! I seriously think she took speed before the class because I don’t know how she moved so fast.

We did a series of kicks, jumping jacks, jabs, upper cuts and punches. While the moves were challenging, they were easy to learn and it was also easy to scale.

Should you try it?

This is a great workout for all fitness levels. If you are advanced, you can kick the class up a notch with more explosive movements, but if you are just beginning you can march in place or take the lower intensity option. It is also great for beginners because the movements are simple and easy to learn. I was sweating all over the place and it was a great cardio workout. There was no equipment, so it’s super easy to pop in and pop out.

Who won’t like it

If you don’t like loud music or group classes, this may not be your cup of tea. Personally, I love the music and group atmosphere, but I’ve been in classes where people complain about the volume of music to the instructor and wear cotton balls in their ears during the class. Please don’t be that person.

Also, this class is super fast paced and has choreographed moves. Again, not for everyone.

Kickbox offers many benefits, including working out both upper and lower body. It i also great for your abs. Check out the article on the benefits of kickbox. Turbo kickbox is different than regular kickbox because it kicks the cardio up a notch and doesn’t offer a lot of instruction or guidance on proper form. The focus is more on staying moving than learning specific kicks or punches.


Have you taken kickbox or turbo kickbox? What did you think?