Save time, money and calories with advanced meal planning

Read my latest Working Mother blog about saving time, money and calories with advanced meal planning. I’d love to hear from you! Do you plan your meals for the week? How do you make sure your veggies don’t rot in the crisper drawer?

My top ten favorite items from Trader Joes

I love Trader Joes! Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways:

1. They are inexpensive

2. They carry a wide selection of healthy, organic and fresh foods

3. Their Trader Joes brand is high quality

4. They sell grass-fed beef and chicken with no antibiotics or hormones

I shop at Trader Joes [...]

Artichokes: Chock full of goodness

Did you know that vegetables are the number one food eaten in homes during the last three Super Bowls? The NPD Group market research firm that tracks Americans’ eating habits found that while pizza, beer and wings are popular, vegetables top the list. I was thrilled to finally read a positive statistic about Americans’ diets.


Chicken Cacciatore Made by a Cacciatore – Secret Family Recipe Lightened Up

Given that my last name is Cacciatore, you would think that Chicken Cacciatore would be part of our family’s regular repertoire of meals. However, traditional chicken cacciatore can be high in calories, especially when served over pasta, so I hadn’t prepared the beloved family recipe in years.

I bought fresh mushrooms at Trader Joes last [...]

Exhausted? Eat this to get your energy back.

I was completely shocked when I read that America’s top weight loss coach, best-selling author and nationally known expert on weight loss, nutrition and health – Dr. Jonny Bowden said that sardines are “health food in a can.” I was even more shocked to learn that sardines can not only help with overwhelming fatigue, but [...]

Day 59: Keen Who?

The first time I heard about Quinoa, I actually read about it in a magazine and I pronounced it “Kuh-oh-na” like Ramona. When I later heard someone refer to “Keen-wa” I didn’t even know they were talking about the same thing! No matter how you say it, Quinoa is good stuff!

I think that [...]

Day 37: Down in the Cabbage Patch

You know that you are a child of the ’80s if you remember The Cabbage Patch kids. Ah, those were the days. Neon shirts, scrunchies, poufy bangs, The Smurfs and The Cabbage Patch kids. They have brought The Cabbage Patch kids. back for all of us 80′s mommies who now have kids of our own [...]

Day 33: Sweet Pepper of Mine

Sweet peppers exude health & wellness, as their colors of red, green, yellow and orange look so vibrant that you just almost feel healthier just by looking at them. Did you know that all peppers actually start out green and they change colors when they are fully mature? Red peppers are the sweetest of all [...]