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My name is Stacy and I am starting this blog to capture the day in the life of a writer trying to break into the business. In addition to my day job, in which I’m a writer for a corporation, I’m trying my hand at freelance writing and publishing my book.  I’m finding the writing business very challenging to break into! I compare breaking into writing to trying to break into acting or music…I had no idea it would be this difficult.

I am determined that my book will be published in 2010! I will update you all with my progress, writing, query letters and my daily persistance in getting published.

I hope that you will follow my blog and post your comments on your writing and publishing experience and challenges.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog

  1. Well, considering the amount of authors and books out there, I really am not surprised about it being such a challenge. Plus, and this is NOT a dig at you at ALL, but it just seems like everyone in the world with access to a computer thinks that they can and should be the next big thing…whether they post videos on YouTube hoping to make it as an actor or start writing a blog in hopes of being discovered to become a prolific author 🙂 NOW, all that being said, it is clearly obvious from this blog that you actually have REAL talent and are not just some wannabe…LOL! AND, it is also true that many people HAVE been discovered from YouTube and Blogs already. So, please believe me when I say I wish you nothing but luck and success in your publishing endeavor…just don’t expect it to be at all easy. (You can do it!!!)

    • Thank you! I agree with you…..It is super tough, lots of competition! With all of the channels available, between the internet, YouTube, blogs, etc.. anyone with a computer has a platform these days. Totally on point.

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